Buyer Alerts

If we discover attempts by vendors to manipulate their reviews, we may issue alerts to warn users about this behavior. Actions that trigger these alerts include, but are not limited to, soliciting only positive reviews, threatening reviewers with legal action, and writing fake reviews from a shared IP address. 

G2 Crowd’s Buyer Alerts program is designed to notify users of vendors that have attempted to manipulate the reviews on their profile. While our moderation team works to make sure the reviews and rankings on our site are accurate, we sometimes encounter cases where we find vendors taking actions that jeopardize that accuracy.

These alerts remain on the vendor’s profile for 90 days after the action is resolved. Actions that trigger these alerts include, but are not limited to:

  • Soliciting only positive Reviews. Vendors are not allowed to ask explicitly for positive reviews from their customers. We monitor the messaging vendors use to drive reviews to ensure they’re asking for authentic, balanced feedback. 
  • Threatening reviewers. We do not tolerate vendors that threaten legal action against reviewers who leave honest feedback about their product. G2 Crowd works closely with users editing or requesting to remove their reviews to understand their motives.
  • Writing fake Reviews. We prohibit all users from submitting reviews from fake accounts in our Terms of Use. G2 Crowd monitors user behavior and user profile quality to prevent vendors from participating in the generation of fake reviews for their product.



Inquiries about our Buyer Alerts program or the actions taken when those guidelines are violated can be sent to